TextoPay is the PayPal for people-to-people mobile payment, making financial transactions easy, secure and widely available.

TextoPay is a mobile payment system emphasizing on ease of use and interoperability. It is designed with security in mind to work reliably in mobile networks, even when Internet connection is not available.

TextoPay Advantages

Check out why TextoPay is different with any existing Mobile Payment systems

Wide Coverage

Unlike other mobile payment system that limited by the issuing bank, country or telco operator, TextoPay aim to be the de facto worldwide mobile payment system using real mobile number as the account number.

Minimum Risk

We put necessary layers of security measures according to the business value to mitigate the risks without compromising the convenience. The security covers encryption, lost of phone and false transaction mitigation.

Adaptable Deployement

TextoPay can be deployed in various mobile environment by adapting communication method and security measures suitable for the scenario. Users can use any type of GSM or CDMA phones, smart or normal, to make transaction.

Meet our great Team

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Who We Are

Welcome to TextoPay

TextoPay is a startup company incubated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded by three close friends with diverse professional background and proven track record, TextoPay offers solid payment solution worldwide.

Our Mission

We make Mobile Payment accessible for everyone

Unlike other existing mobile payment system that can only be accessed by certain groups of people, limited by geographical region, bank services or particular mobile operator coverage, TextoPay can be used by everyone with mobile phone.

Our Approach

Technology, People Network, Market Knowldege

We are reaching success by combining our capability in utilizing the cutting edge technology, leveraging our worldwide network and strong market knowledge.

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